Best Low Cost IVF Treatments Options

One of the major obstacles associated with IVF treatment is the overwhelming cost. However, there are some IVF treatments that can actually help you with the cost, while at the same time they do not create a burden on you at the end of the day.

  • Research trials – The infertility clinics across the world have different kinds of IVF research fertility going on, and they make use of research trials in order to gauge how effective that particular method is. Therefore, they need people that would be able to take on the trial, and hence the cost is close to negligible for that IVF treatment. What you need to do is to find out the clinics that offer such kind of research trials in your area and apply for that position. If they are reputable, and all the screening tests that they do on you actually make sure the perfect candidate, then you would be on your way to getting an inexpensive IVF treatment.

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  • Shared IVF cycles – The shared IVF cycle is primarily in the process which lets two women share the first phase of the IVF cycle whereby one woman has to donate her eggs to the other woman that cannot use her eggs so that there is a reduced rate which is associated with the fertility process in the clinic itself. In some cases, it has been noted to get close to a 50% discount on the original IVF costs for the patients involved.
  • Egg donation – With the egg donation cycle, there are at least 2 to 3 women that will be able to share the eggs of the donor. This also means that they end up sharing the overall cost of the IVF treatment. The only negative factor to this is that the donor does not have enough eggs in order to make a shared cycle effective in most of the cases.

  • IVF treatment outside your country – When you go for IVF treatment in the United States alone, the costs can come up to $100,000. The same IVF treatment when done in other places such as India ends up costing you around $5,000. Even with the time taken for you to stay in that country, the travel expenses and all the other paraphernalia taken into equation, you would not end up spending more than $ 15,000 on the total trip. Therefore, it is not only a cost-effective option, but also a gives you the chance of visiting a different country and get the treatment done without any issues whatsoever.

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